Staying hydrated is a must for general well being & good health. It is even more important for people who exercise regularly or indulge in intense workouts. Whatever you put in your body reflects in your output, seriously. It affects how well you can perform your routines, for how long you’re able to endure the workout & how quickly you’re able to recover from the strenuous activities. This means that when you’re working out a sweat, your hydration game also needs to step up. 

This is exactly what alkaline water helps you with. It hydrates you faster than normal water & keeps you hydrated for longer. But how exactly does alkaline water work it’s magic? Let’s get behind the science of that.

Our muscles have a natural pH of around 6.9 and when we start working out, the muscles become more active & the acid level starts to rise. As they become more & more strained, the acid increases & the pH of our muscles keep decreasing. This often leads to fatigue, stress, lactic acid build-up and finally to exhaustion to the point where you have to stop.

When you drink alkaline water between your workout, it helps you neutralize the rising acid in your muscles while keeping you hydrated. The more hydrated you keep, the less you’ll be fatigued and there will also be lesser chances of injuries. That means, you’re workouts will be longer and more efficient & your recovery, much quicker. 

So if you want to take your workouts to the next level, you should immediately switch to a premium alkaline water that will benefit you. You should definitely give Evocus a try. Evocus is India’s first black alkaline water that is 100%  natural minerals sourced from the earth’s crust. It boasts of zero additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients, chemicals, colours, yet tastes just like normal water and has no smell. It also has zero sugar, zero carbs, zero caffeine, zero fat & is gluten-free. So you have absolutely nothing to worry about. 

With so many benefits over regular water, Evocus H2O should be your go-to workout drink from here on, ensuring better health and wellness for your mind and body.