When you think of water, you usually picture a vast body of shimmering white or blue. The sight of serene shimmery waves in a vast ocean! A pristine lake that shines no matter what angle you look at it from. Even as a child, your portrayal of water was through the colour blue. But what if you could enjoy water which is black in colour, without losing its benefits and instead, adding more natural elements to it to make it a super drink?

We are proud to present to you, Evocus H2O, India’s first black alkaline water. Enriched with 70+ minerals sourced from the crust of the earth, as well as a pH of 8+, Evocus is loaded with zing, health and exhilaration; helping you stay ahead in the race. These minerals are also the reason why Evocus gets its unique black colour. That means absolutely no additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients, chemicals, or colours while tasting just like normal water without any odour. Evocus also has zero sugar, zero carbs, zero caffeine, zero fat, and is gluten-free. But why is this brand of alkaline water black in colour? We’ve also ensured that the minerals used to enrich the water are extracted from a rare deposit location from Texas, which in turn gives the colour black to the water.

Other alkaline water brands available in the market today have the same colour as regular water. But Evocus H2O stands out. Black symbolizes power, strength, authority, and sophistication. Black is sporty. Black is chic. Black is classy. Black is pure. Black allows Evocus to stand out from a crowded space which looks pretty indistinguishable. But even more than that, our premier black alkaline water is beneficial for you by providing for better detoxification, improved hydration levels in the body, improved nutrient absorption, lower free radical damage and inflammation, improved digestion and immunity.

So, we’d suggest forgetting all about regular water and switching to Evocus H2O today and enjoy the benefits of better health all in one bottle!