Minerals and vitamins are essential in keeping the immunity levels of a human body intact. These minerals and vitamins help in protecting your body from toxins and infections, which otherwise would lead to regular illnesses and other ailments. The most common way of getting these daily nutrients is through a balanced diet, which you can obtain from your day to day food items. However, sometimes the body isn’t able to procure all these nutrients from solid food and is disposed of with the body’s waste. So if you’re wondering how you can get these nutrients in the most optimal way, we already have a solution ready for you.

Presenting Evocus H2O, India’s first black alkaline water. Infused with 70+ minerals found in the Earth’s crust, Evocus H2O helps to regulate the acidity and pH levels in the body, while also providing better detoxification and absorption of nutrients from our day to day food. But how does alkaline water improve your immunity?

By providing a better and most importantly, sustained detoxification process in the body, alkaline water allows for a refined digestion process, which further on improves the metabolic process of the body. A better metabolic process is also responsible for a better immune system. An excess of toxic amounts in the body means that it has to work extra hard to maintain its day-to-day biological functions, which could lead to lethargy and weakness. As alkaline water gets absorbed more easily by the body, it allows for the neutralization and flushing of the toxin compounds present in the body. All benefits of alkaline water work in tandem to make the immune system stronger in order to fight foreign pathogens and infections.

The importance of immunity cannot be stated enough during an ongoing pandemic. It is extremely essential to keep up your immunity levels during these times, and even in general, and Evocus H2O helps you maintain that. With a pH of 8+ and the presence of 100% organic minerals, sourced from the depths of the earth. These minerals help our body in performing to its optimum by helping it revitalize and rejuvenate faster, while also helping with improved hydration levels in the body, better nutrient absorption, improved digestion, lower free radical damage and inflammation, and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Get your bottle of Evocus H2O and enjoy the benefits of a healthy body and immune system.