Aakash Vaghela

Founder, M.D

Vishwangi Vaghela

Founder, M.D

Shirish Avasthi

Executive Director Technical

Zulkarnain Shaikh

Sr Manager- Digital Marketing

Prashant Shah

Head of Sales

About Us

EVOCUS is India’s first new-age, alkaline bottled water brand, manufactured and marketed by A.V Organics LLP, a wholly owned subsidiary of the India based ‘Emerald Group’.

Headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat, A.V. Organics LLP is an innovative start-up founded by Mr. Aakash Vaghela and Mrs Vishvangi Vaghela in 2018. The company has invested in cutting edge product research and has setup a state-of-the-art fully automated manufacturing cum bottling plant spread across 50,000 sq feet. The facility is well equipped with the world’s leading blowing and filling machines that require zero human intervention. It has built a secure zone pharmaceutical grade infrastructure which is armed with a completely germ & particles controlled atmosphere, an HVAC air conditioning system and a clean room of Class-100,000 air quality.

Every bottle is packed with completely natural electrolytes, and minerals that help detoxify your body. These minerals, that exist naturally in the depths of the earth, are extracted and refined in USA. These minerals are naturally black in colour, giving Evocus its unique black colour 100% natural, and matching up to the highest quality standards, EVOCUS is tested and assured through global certifications, including FSSAI in India.

AV Organics actively pursues Water Stewardship, which translates to good for the planet, good for people, and good for business. It is the use and treatment of water in ways that are socially equitable, environmentally sustainable, and economically beneficial.

The product has been created under the guidance of renowned scientist Dr. Nobert Chirase in the USA, Principal Mentor & Chief Scientist, A.V. Organics, who is responsible for providing scientific knowhow and technical expertise for product development.

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