Drinking ‘8 glasses of water a day’ has become the absolute mantra for maintaining good health. Consuming plenty of water each day helps our bodies thrive, keeps illnesses at bay & aids almost every bodily function. With alkaline water making waves in the market with its superior health properties it’s important to understand what it is & how it can benefit us.

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is a type of water that has a pH level of 7+. pH scale is a measure of alkalinity & acidity of substances, ranging from 0-14. Lower numbers denote acidic nature & higher numbers denote alkalinity, & 7 is the neutral point. 

How does Alkaline Water differ from Regular Water?

Normal drinking water has a pH of 7 & hence is neutral in nature. However, alkaline water usually has an 8+ pH which is said to help regulate extra acidity in the body. EVOCUS H2O is India’s first black alkaline bottled water is 100% natural & is enriched with 70+ organic minerals, sourced from the depths of Earth’s crust.

What are the Benefits of consuming Alkaline Water?

Switching to consuming alkaline water, like EVOCUS H2O every day brings numerous amounts of benefits with it. 

  1. As Alkaline water is high in pH it reduces acidity and provides superior hydration. With Evocus you get 100% natural minerals additional which are sourced directly from the Earth’s crust. Making it not only Alkaline but also mineral rich. 
  2. The high pH of alkaline water controls & regulates acidity in the body and also helps regulate the overall pH level
  3. Alkaline water provides superior hydration. It hydrates you faster & keeps you hydrated for long
  4. Evocus enhances your body’s detoxification process by helping in flushing out toxins
  5. Consuming alkaline water regularly speeds absorption of nutrients, improves digestion & stimulates metabolism
  6. Alkaline water is rich in antioxidants & helps lower free radical damage and inflammation as well
  7. Evocus also helps in boosting your immune system. By drinking alkaline water, your metabolism improves which in turn will strengthen your immunity.

Drinking water is essential for sustaining life. But if you could get more with your water, then why not? EVOCUS H2O black alkaline water is a revolutionary product that not only keeps you hydrated but provides you with superior benefits as compared to your regular water. So, making the switch is the smart thing to do.