Picture a magnificent stallion, galloping around the corral; or, a stately lady descending a ballroom staircase, in a beautiful evening gown; a royal luxury limousine, parked at a palace entrance. What ONE colour would you associate with all these visions? Black, of course!

 More commonly, however, black is a colour that has divided opinions right down the middle. Black is often not perceived in a positive light. That is because, traditionally, white symbolises the colour of purity, and black the converse. Even more so, in the world of foods, black is often associated with unhealthy and indulgent items such as burgers, ice-creams, cakes, pastries and so on.

The time has now come, though, to transform the perception of black from impure to pure; from mundane to classy; from indulgent to healthy. And this transformation is now being initiated by a revolutionary new product, Evocus – a black-coloured, 100% natural, bottled alkaline water. Evocus has already created a new product category in the bottled water segment since it’s the first pitch-black bottled water in India.

Evocus is purified water, infused with more than 70 NATURAL minerals. And it is these minerals that give it its natural black colour.

Evocus, with 70+ natural trace minerals infused into completely-purified water, is bottled in a fully-automated, sterile, pharma-grade plant untouched by human hands. The once-transparent water receives its unique black colour from the blended natural minerals sourced from two miles deep within the Earth’s crust. Embedded in the Earth for more than 80 million years, these natural minerals were discovered by renowned American scientist Dr Nobert Chirase.

 Every EVOCUS bottle is thus packed with completely-natural electrolytes, antioxidants, and trace elements that help hydrate and detoxify your body.  

Evocus’ human health benefits include:

  • Natural alkalinity: The high pH value offers continuous protection against acidity arising from rich foods, imbalanced diets, inadequate/inappropriate liquid intake, and other causes. This alkalinity helps your body retain its pH balance, right through the day.
  • Rich mineral content: This provides superior, sustained hydration. Evocus can keep people quickly and adequately hydrated throughout the day – something normal water can only do if consumed in great quantities.
  • Regular detoxification: We absorb unhealthy quantities of pesticides/chemicals via foods, both natural and processed. Our bodies are also exposed to other toxins via food packaging, air, water and indoor pollutants. These toxins get embedded in our cells, causing discomfort, disorders and risk of chronic diseases. Evocus’ natural mineral content breaks down these toxins and purifies the bloodstream, helping our bodies detoxify,  continuously and for longer.
  • Improved metabolism: Evocus’ natural minerals boost the absorption and processing of all nutrients in our food and beverages, thus enhancing their goodness.

As we can now see, black is now truly beautiful!