Move over the days of buying just regular water that will just quench your thirst. Evocus H2O, India’s first black alkaline water is set to take your hydration experience to the next level with a number of benefits that will put regular water to shame.

With a minimal design on the outside of the bottle which shows the USP of Evocus H2O, it is what’s inside that matters. Enriched with 70+ minerals sourced from the crust of the earth, Evocus is loaded with zing, health and exhilaration; helping you stay ahead in the race.

These minerals are also the reason why Evocus gets its unique black colour. That means absolutely no additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients, chemicals, or colours while tasting just like normal water without any odour. The alkaline water also has zero sugar, zero carbs, zero caffeine, zero fat and is gluten-free.

But what is it inside Evocus H2O that makes it so special? For starters, Evocus has a pH of 8.5+, as compared to regular water which has a pH level of 7, and helps detoxify your body better than regular water. Moreover, the 70+ minerals present in the water are responsible for improved hydration levels, better nutrient absorption and digestion. The minerals also help in flushing the pesticides out of the body much more efficiently while also lowering free radical damage and inflammation and boosting the immunity system of the body.

Majority of the households today water purifiers in their homes, which in turn, drains water of many minerals that are essential for the body, lowers its pH and thus renders it acidic leading to a bitter-tasting, corrosive water that is unfit for drinking. You can now switch to India’s first black alkaline water with Evocus H20, and reap all the benefits that you won’t be able to get from regular water.