It is remarkable how two soda giants were able to dictate what ‘cool’ was for a greater part of the early 2000s. In hindsight, it seems very evident how but back then, it was a mystery and I, still a teenager, could only watch blue-eyed as celebrities and sports icons endorsed these drinks.

Part of this autonomy was born out of our negligence. We only cared for who was on the drink’s label, or what freebie we got from buying it. The hard truth is, we only needed to be seen with the drink, we never really cared for how it tasted, did we? With each purchase of the drink, it seemed as if we were breaking the very shackles that bound us.

Little did we realize that such notions, unfounded as they were, eroded the very foundation of our being – our health. There’s a Arthur Schopenhauer quote that I hold very dear: The greatest of follies is to sacrifice health for any kind of happiness.

We can’t be blamed either. Back then there were not many alternatives to choose from – certainly not many healthy ones. Sodas dominated drinks-shelves at most supermarkets. They still do, but the scenario is a lot different from what it had been a decade ago. Now, a lot more room is afforded to more healthy variants. But, not many drinks address the mineral needs of the body, nor are they organic.

Wouldn’t regular water do, you’d ask? Sadly not. Regular water is inadequate to meet the needs of our new lifestyles. Especially now, in this new normal, when our lives and work are seeping into each other, when what’s night and day blur, and we coil up in our chairs, hunched over a laptop.

What was needed is a revolution in hydration. Evocus H20 is exactly that. When I founded the company in 2018, I was aware of how paramount mineral-rich hydration is to the body, especially here in India where the summers are scorching and humid, our winters bleak.

Evocus H20’s Black Alkaline water is undoubtedly a game-changer. It helps neutralize toxins and excessive acidity in the bloodstream, leading to increased oxygen levels with improved energy and metabolism. It’s organic too. What lends Evocus H2O its unique black colour is, in fact, the alchemic combination of these minerals, essential for the augmentation of self.

Now, as we face an unprecedented calamity in coronavirus, I can’t stress Evocus H20 enough. Recent reports have revealed that it’s those who were already suffering from diseases like diabetes who faced the full brunt of COVID-19. Let’s ditch those sugar-laden sodas and embrace health.

Now, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your chair to get Evocus H20. You can order it right from your laptops. Try it, you will feel the difference. You have my word.