Can one list out foods that bolster the immune system? Can one calculate the nutrient and mineral content in one’s diet? Can piling up leafy greens and fresh fruits be the only solution? Not really! Today, it is no longer possible to have a well-balanced diet simply by eating all the fresh foods, fruits and meats while cutting back on sugar and unhealthy fat. Thanks to the rampant use of fertilisers and pesticides, our foodgrains no longer retain their natural goodness that was once an intrinsic feature.

As people are realising the value of good health and looking for elixirs to stay healthy throughout their life, sales of minerals, vitamins, and nutritional and herbal supplements have surged. It feels like our routine diets are overloaded more with pills and potions than just natural foods and beverages. With most shoppers buying products that are good for both the waistline and the wallet, they wouldn’t mind paying extra for the option that seems “healthier” – as if they are getting nutritional benefits from those.

People are more interested in their health

Spurred by a heightened interest and an insatiable appetite for material/ information relating to preventative healthcare, consumers have started relying on alternative channels other than doctors or dietitians, to identify their health needs. As they have grown increasingly conscious about what they consume, and rise in medical expenses become more conspicuous, functional foods have taken over and play a prominent role in the diet.

No longer a niche segment, the global functional foods and beverage market, is witnessing paradigm-shifting innovations and trendy products ruling the space, every year. To meet consumers’ health and wellness requirements, newer products will continue to roll out.

According to a report by Nielsen, “Indian consumers consider fortified foods with incremental nutrients like protein, fibre, vitamins, calcium and minerals, an important consideration while making a purchase.” The survey underlined the message that brands should call out auxiliary health benefits rather than merely labeling products as ‘healthy’.

While mineral supplements are generally procured from capsules and tablets, there is a swifter, safer alternative to good health: a 100% natural-black alkaline water. This is a unique formulation with more than 70 natural minerals infused in pure water, greatly enriching it – it is the added natural minerals that give it the unique black colour. Besides quick and sustained hydration, the alkaline water controls acidity, detoxifies, improves one’s metabolism, promotes better nutrient absorption and enables sustained alertness. In essence, the product provides short- and long-term health benefits. To top it all, it tastes and smells just like normal water!

Since the naturally alkaline water has a high pH value, this helps in minimising the need for pharmaceutical cures in cases of acidity and allied problems due to rich foods, imbalanced diets, inadequate or inappropriate food and liquid intake, etc.

What better way of supplementing one’s daily intake of essential minerals by simply drinking a few glasses of alkaline mineral water!