I can’t imagine how our lives have become so hectic that drinking enough water daily is now part of our to-do list! People who struggle with maintaining their daily water intake know how ticking this task off the list is easier said than done.

Of course, we fill our bottles and go to work every day with the full resolve of finishing it by lunchtime. Thanks to the Monday morning rush, client calls and weekly reports, however, after a few hours we realise the bottle and our resolve have been left untouched!

It doesn’t really have to be that way, though. Perhaps if we made our water a little less boring, we wouldn’t forget it so often. For example, have you ever forgotten to finish your lemonade? 

Applying the same logic, you can also change flavours by infusing your water with a variety of fruits, veggies or even herbs such as rosemary and mint. Doing this will not only give you a beverage that pleases your palate but actually makes you keep sipping the flavoured water throughout the day. While infusing new flavours could be your first plan of action, you could also try setting water triggers to remind you about drinking water.

For good measure, set a rule that every time your phone rings you will take three sips of water. Or drink a glass of water before you step out for your workout or have a few sips each time there is an ad playing while you are watching a favourite TV show.

These quick and quirky tips should definitely come handy in your efforts to stay hydrated. Yet, the big question remains: how much water should you drink? The query sounds simple but the answer isn’t! The amount of water intake totally depends on various environmental and physical factors such as your gender, size and weight, the weather and your level of physical activity. Moreover, hydration is not simply about how much water you drink – it’s about what food you eat as well because food comprises about 20% of your water intake.

Based on the above factors, once you’ve decided how much water to drink, an easy way to monitor intake is to use rubber bands. For instance, if your goal is to drink 2 liters of water per day and the bottle holds only one liter, wrap two rubber bands around the bottle. Remove a band and refill the bottle once the first liter is finished. Your target should be to remove both bands by day-end.

Likewise, gamification of water intake is another way of tracking how much water you drink. Create some scorecards and give yourself points every time you drink a glass of water. If you have managed to fulfill your daily water score, reward yourself on the weekend for meeting your weekly water goals. In case these tips fall short, switch to technology and download free mobile apps that can remind you to drink water and track your water intake too.