Cocktails and Drinks have become an essential part of an individuals’ life these days. Whether you are an alcohol lover or not, you might always be heading to a party with a special cocktail arrangement. Be it a special occasion or just a social meeting to catch up with old friends, drinks have been a great accompaniment. 

The drink chosen by a person has a lot to reveal about their personality. A whiskey lover will not run to a vodka lover for company. Well, if you are headed to a party or a pub and are tired of the same old cocktail mixes served by the bartenders, this article has a surprise in it for you.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, let me help you. It’s the new mixer that adds flavour, goodness, and a classy colour to your drinks. 

Not there yet? It’s the new alkaline water launched by Evocus.

If you are someone who prefers staying healthy but cannot compromise on taste, this is the solution for you. For all those drinkers who want to enjoy their drinks guilt-free here is a new mixer. The black alkaline water like the one by Evocus is high in pH which helps reduce the acidity in your body and helps you prevent the dizziness and hangover you experience the next day after heavy drinking. 

Black alkaline water by Evocus with a pH level above 8, when mixed with your drinks gives it a whole new flavour, goodness, and colour. It is enriched with 70+ natural trace elements found in the depth of earth. 

You must be wondering about how and why you should mix black alkaline water with your drinks? 

Using black alkaline water as a mixer provides you with a bunch of health benefits and helps your body in several ways. The high pH allows your drink in reducing acidity which in turn helps you get rid of the party hangover. Lower levels of acidity help in restoring the body’s hydration levels and helps you stay hydrated for longer. Some other benefits which the black alkaline water has to offer when consumed either individually or as a mix in your drinks include boosted metabolism, stronger immune system, enhanced detoxification, and improved digestion. 

If you are confused about how to mix alkaline water into your drinks here are some simple yet cool tricks.

You can replace regular water or preserved juices with alkaline water when preparing your drink next time. Along with adding the host of health benefits, Evocus will also add a classic black colour to your drinks which no other pub or bar counter can offer (unless they use black alkaline water to prepare their drinks).

The other way is to freeze the alkaline water into ice-cubes. You can use these classy black ice cubes for your drinks and even for your cold-brews like ice-tea, cold coffee, or other summer coolers.

Summers are here; enjoy your new drinks with Evocus!