Keeping hydrated is a must for staying healthy, more so for individuals who exercise on a regular basis and  competitive athletes who are subjected to extreme environmental conditions.

Cycling is one of those sports disciplines  where fluid intake before, during and after the competition is a key factor in determining performance. For an aerobic activity such as cycling, which lasts for several hours and is performed under varying environmental conditions, hydration becomes critical. While exercising, heat is produced by our muscles that need to be eliminated through the process of sweating, which in turn causes significant water loss. 

The benefits of hydrating with alkaline water  has been established in the sports industry for long & many professional athletes swear by it. The famous & super successful cyclist, Amarjeet Singh swears by Evocus H2O for his superior hydration needs during tournaments & loves it even on regular days!

Drinking alkaline water like Evocus,  before & after workout or athletic performance promises great results. The increased alkalinity retains the muscles’ ability to effectively & efficiently use oxygen during periods of high physical  distress. So let’s delve into it a little deeper to understand how Evocus can help your cycling performance.

  1. Superior Hydration

Alkaline water has a  relatively smaller molecular structure than regular drinking water that allows  it to enter your cells more efficiently & provide better hydration to your cells. This results in better muscle contraction, better lubrication of joints, better skin, and better functioning of the kidneys.

  1. Enhanced Endurance 

As you regularly start drinking alkalized water like Evocus, the infused minerals help in flushing out  toxins out of the body while lowering the free radical damage, inflammation & giving your stamina along with your  immunity system a powerful boost.

  1. Better & Quick Recovery

By consuming alkaline water, your body’s acid levels are better regulated and you  stay hydrated for longer. This, in turn, reduces fatigue & your chances of getting injured, making your workouts longer & your recovery much quicker.

  1. More Energy

When you start involving alkaline water like Evocus in your daily diet, it  enhances your metabolism and all the extra oxygen that it provides,  gives you more energy throughout the day & keeps you alert, happy and  highly productive.

It’s safe to say that whatever you put in your body, affects your everyday functions. It greatly impacts your performance, your endurance & even your recovery after strenuous activities. So step up your hydration game with Evocus & reach newer heights in your performance.