A nutritious diet is a must for every body type. In the current scheme of life, we all tend to miss on counting nutrition whereas we are always counting the calorie intake. Various diet plans are foraying into the mainstream and the need for the right kind of food is hitting an all-time high. As innovations in the food and beverage space are driving disruptions which remain instrumental in impacting lifestyles, it is imperative that consumers remain aware of the benefits of a healthy and a balanced diet. It is of mammoth importance to figure out the actual difference between what’s perceived as healthy and what’s really healthy. Striking the right balance and achieving that equilibrium is the key. The apt mix of ample nutrition, adequate rest and physical exertion, all under the careful vigil of an expert is the essentially the ideal trick of the trade.

The idea of nutrition needs to venture beyond the self-congratulatory narrative of just eating healthy or eating right. Various other things such as sleep and hydration play a very significant role in determining good health and nutrition at a larger level. `For instance, lack of sleep can trigger a fall in leptin levels and lead to a huge increase in appetite which in turn can upset the metabolic balance altogether. Similarly, lack of hydration too can lead to an imbalance in mineral levels and drastically affect metabolism and energy levels, thus leading to sluggishness and tremendous exhaustion. In fact, optimum hydration remains indispensable for good metabolism and improving energy and efficiency levels, besides also helping the body detoxify and rejuvenate.

Primarily, most of us in developing countries end up drinking purified water, something we perceive as safer and healthier. However, one blatant myth that needs to be busted is the health quotient that we often associate with distilled water, which loses out on all essential minerals during the process of reverse osmosis. As a result, while drinking water on a daily basis, we tend to be perceivably consuming healthy water while we miss out on a lot of essential minerals. It is these minerals that can go a long way in promoting good health and accelerating our alertness. With black alkaline water as a leading disruptor in the drinking water space, the need to understand the importance of mineral loaded drinking water is gradually beginning to seep in. However, for this to percolate into the mainstream is going to be time consuming and tedious. The need of the hour is to educate people and drive higher levels of awareness so that they end up making the right choices.

In fact, a large part of our country suffers from very many different health conditions, be it related to joints or slow metabolism rates or depreciating energy levels, all of which could be aptly addressed with the inclusion of necessary minerals in drinking water and this is something readily available with the black, alkaline water. The idea behind promoting this kind of drinking water is to transform the overall health and well-being of people by enabling and empowering them with a lifestyle choice that makes a difference. We would all be grateful for a life that is devoid of frequent calls to the doctor or panic smitten moments of being rushed in for alarming health issues. And all of this being addressed just by the choice of water one drinks is indeed an exciting enough proposition.