Living in a fast-paced world, dealing with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, chasing tight deadlines leaves us no time to get on the treadmill or hit the ball in a tennis court. We tend to ignore the importance of sports or any kind of physical activity in our lives.

For a healthy body and mind, incorporating sports as a vital part of our daily routine is essential. Virtually any form of sports – adventure sports, aquatic sports, extreme sports, strength sports, mountain sports, motorized sports or ball sports can be a game changer in our lives. It’s not required to be a trained athlete or excel at a sport, but playing one ensures physical activity on a regular basis that can go a long way towards a healthy lifestyle.

There are numerous health benefits of playing sports – increased metabolism, healthy body composition, efficient functioning of the heart, reduced stress levels, to name a few. Other rewards could be enhanced skill sets – accountability, dedication and leadership.

Beyond the enjoyment of playing a sport, here’s some motivation – “the perks” that keeps me going!

Healthy heart: Playing sports or any form of motion helps with stretching ability of the heart’s ventricles, which aids in efficient pumping of blood with each beat. This improves the body’s performance and lowers the risk of heart attacks.

Enhanced lung capacity:  The level of oxygen in the body increases, flushing out carbon monoxide and other waste gases from the body. This flush- the capacity of the lung, enhancing its function and efficiency. 

Good Sleep: Experts across the globe suggest that physical activity such as sports and exercise releases in the brain that makes a person more relaxed and happier. Not only is playing a sport, a great opportunity to unwind and improve fitness, but it also promotes a good night’s sleep.

Better confidence: Frequent training and working towards some set goals goes a long way in improving one’s confidence and abilities. This increased confidence comes to the fore, especially when players, as a team put their skills to Even the smallest of achievement their confidence manifold.

Improved stress management: When it’s time for the mind to unplug, physical activity really takes your mind off the daily strains and stresses of life. Playing sports or any form of physical exercise stimulates release of endorphins and reduces stress hormones in the body that relieves pent-up tension.    

Positive impact on mental health: Many health reports claim the positive impact of sports and exercise on mental health. It improves our periodic mood swings (if experienced), lessens anxiety, and helps combat negative emotions and depression.

Well, if one considers joining any kind of sports, it is important to remain well-hydrated to avoid dehydration, which can affect our health and the quality of performance.

What I swear by is – Hydrate. Play. Hydrate.