Beverages have played a significant part in celebrations for many. Alcohol, which plays a prevalent role in many cultures of the world, has made its way somehow to our daily lives.

From raising a toast on big life occasions to enjoying happy hours with family or friends, or just relaxing on a small vacation at a beach, beverages have become a strong companion. But what if you are heading to a party and have a long day of work the next day? You would like to avoid the headache and dizziness caused by the party hangover. 

It’s hard to resist cocktails and drinks when at a party with friends or colleagues, but we do have a solution to the uncomfortable after-effects of getting drunk. Yes! You heard it right. All those effects of getting sick and dehydrated the next day can be avoided by adding a simple yet powerful mixer to your drinks.

If you still couldn’t guess it, let us help you. It’s the black alkaline water like the one recently launched by Evocus H2O.

Alkaline water has a pH of more than 8 which not only helps in calming the effects of a dizzy hangover but also helps in regulating the body’s acidity. Furthermore, mixing alkaline water with your drinks enhances its taste taking it right to the next level.

We’re sure you must be wondering about how alkaline water can be added to your cocktails and drinks. Well, let us help you with that!

You can replace preserved juices in your drinks with black alkaline water. Alkaline water, like the one by Evocus, is enriched with 70+ natural minerals extracted from the earth’s depth. With that, you know what goes in your drink is not an artificially flavoured juice but an organic mixer. That’s not all, you get a gorgeous black colour for your drink which none of the bartenders can offer (unless they are using Evocus black alkaline water of-course).

The other way to enhance the goodness and taste of your drink using alkaline water is by adding ice-cubes made up of black alkaline water like Evocus. You can also add these badass black ice-cubes to other cold brews like ice-tea, cold-coffee, or a mocktail of your choice. Replace the regular water you add to your drinks with alkaline water and you are good to go and reap all the health benefits with loads of flavours. 

Using Evocus black alkaline water not only adds a classy colour to your drinks but reaps a whole bunch of health benefits for your body. The high pH helps in reducing acidity, boosts metabolism, improves digestion, enhances detoxification, and boosts your immune system. It hydrates your body faster and keeps it hydrated for longer.

Well, now you have a flavorsome solution to all those party hangovers you wanted to avoid. Enjoy guilt-free drinking with Evocus