Now, if you are given the choice between a fresh juice and a soda of the same price, chances are that you will pick the former. Increased awareness about health and wellness in recent years has shaken up our lifestyles and FMCGs everywhere have grown to embrace that idea.

That wasn’t the case always. Until a decade ago, sodas dominated the shelves in supermarkets. They were considered ‘cool’. To be seen with one also labelled you so – cool. Besides, relaxed policies of the government saw many soda giants able to market their drinks as ‘healthy’.

What were the healthy variants then were all priced premium, out of the reach of most.

It’s no wonder then that sodas were popular.

It wasn’t until obesity became a noticeable problem that we started paying more attention to these sugar-sweetened sodas. Several reports established that it was the intake of these carbonated beverages that were responsible for a large number of health risks.

Manufacturers too have acknowledged this growing concern. More and more companies committed to seeing their drinks synonymous with ‘health and wellness’ again. This is reflected in how the industry has changed these past years. In 2020, the average per capita consumption of soda is 0.4L as compared to non-carbonated drinks at 3.6L.

That’s not to say that beverages have altogether disappeared from the supermarket shelves, but where once the sodas dominated, you can see a lot more room afforded to more healthy variants – plant-based waters, fresh juices, alkaline water and other functional beverages.

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